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As global experts and leaders in the search and recruitment industry, REDFOX conducts searches in several industry at the executive, managerial and professional level. We have a keen awareness of the professional job market, as well as the factors and trends that affect it. Our success is driven by a partnership model that includes 100% collaboration with our clients in order to achieve accelerated results.

We Identify and Attract Talented Professionals Who Drive Financial Results.
The right candidate will possess the ideal mix of hard skills (technical) and soft skills (cultural). As one of the tops retained executive search firms in major U.S. markets, REDFOX has the experience and the proven method to assess both and find your perfect fit.

Our vetting process is geared toward isolating proven performers with impeccable track records. We don’t focus on expectations; we look for accomplishments. Our investigation will uncover the hard numbers that communicate candidate’s achievements, and their impact on the bottom line. And we’ll assess how these historical “wins” correlate with the demands of the seat you’re attempting to fill.

Culturally, we look at how our clients motivates and incentivizes to its people and compare that to what type of motivation the candidate responds to. We look at the type of environments in which the candidate has thrived, so we can assure a solid match between the two.

Financial Services

The Financial Services industry needs leaders who aren’t just technically competent,


The Energy Industry requires individuals who know a lot more than the industry dynamics


The Healthcare and Life Sciences industry is traversing an increasingly complex economic


To rest is to become obsolete. To speed up is to risk becoming irrelevant.

What do our clients say about RedFox Search…

  • RedFox did an absolute professional job of identifying several great candidates. We truly felt they were part of our management team. The candidates that were presented were candidates we couldn't find without RedFox.

    Milt Chase
    Milt Chase Chairmen Materials Technology Corporation
  • If you're looking to work with one of the best recruiting companies then contact RedFox. They spent the time to understand our needs, the position, and truly learned our culture. We wouldn't hesitate to use RedFox's engaged recruiting services again

    Gary Peeke
    Gary Peeke Vice President of Sales

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